Your work is for sure an important part of your life. But have you ever stopped to think about how you could improve what you do every day? MeGrowth was designed to handle it seamlessly. With personalized suggestions and a intuitive design, it has never been easier or more effective. AI and our mentors are waiting for you.

Clear mind means effective and smart decisions. You have already stopped for a while, but now it could be the right time to learn more about yourself and what are you the best at. MeGrowth will show the way with its gamified solution and deep AI analysis. Your ideal next job could be something you have never expected before.

Designed features:

  • Designed like a personalized YouTube feed created based on users' in-app activities

  • Partnership with 3rd party companies/individuals (Web2) regarding related content for the app

  • 2D 'game of life' boosted by AI technology

  • Required data taken from the usage of other modules + character development in the core Me module

  • In-game quizzes to feed AI engine to present you your best professional qualities

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